Thursday, January 24, 2008


THIS LIST IS IN THE ORDER IN WHICH I RECEIVED THE BOOKS 1. STARS IN THEIR EYES--Danielle Turchiano-REVIEWED--Posted ON: This & 2. THE HEALER'S GARDEN--Nina Pierce--REVIEWED--Posted ON This BLOG 3. WEST ACROSS THE BOARD--Andrew Jalbert--Now Reading--Review Will be Posted On this Blog & 4. WAKE--Lisa McMann-(book received) 5. ALFALAND-Susie Honeycutt-(book received) 6. VACATION--Jeremy C. SHIPP--(book received) 7. ORANGE CLOUDS BLUE SKY--(book received) This is An Update of Books & Authors in the Listing as I received the Books I will Post Updates & Bulletins on myspace as Progress is being Made...

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