Saturday, February 9, 2008


A GREAT READ INDEED! The main character in this story is Janie Hannagan, an exceptional, intelligent, and gifted young lady. While riding on an Amtrak train with her mother that's going to Chicago at age eight, Janie discovers that she is different than most children, and realizes she can dream. Her childhood consisted of poverty, not knowing who her father was, and facing the realization that her mother was an alcoholic. She grew up in Fieldridge, Michigan. A town that was labeled as white trash by the rich, snooty girls at school, who tormented and mistreated Janie from elementary through high school. By the time Janie entered sixth grade, she faced many challenges, and became stronger to fight off the obstacles in her life that knocked her off her feet. During her desperation to survive these challenges, a girl her age by the name of Carrie moves in next door, and becomes Janie's best friend. Although Janie could fight her way through the numerous problems she was faced with, there was one problem she realized she'd have great difficulty dealing with. Her greatest fear was her seizure- like disorder, causing recurrent dreams and nightmares, leaving her numb, hopeless, and scared. The only person she trusted to share her dreams with was Cabel, a young man who witnessed her dreams with both of them in the dream, and in the nightmares. At age sixteen, Janie began working in a nursing home, because the welfare checks her mother received only paid for rent, and booze. It was at this age when Janie realized that her dreams and nightmares were not considered normal, and that she needed help to overcome this greatest fear that haunted her everyday. She was able to read the lives of others through her dreams, and visualize the same dreams other people had. Her toughest battle was to help others in nightmares, and remove herself from other dreams that she'd rather not be in. As she begins to write a journal about her dreams in a fight to overcome her fear, Cabel falls in love with her, and guides her every step of the way. Through this battle, Janie is faced with another problem, and her decision could affect her for the rest of her life. In order for Cabel to prove his love for her, she must struggle through another daring challenge. This compelling story holds the readers attention from page one to the end, with interest and curiosity as to how the story will end. The Talented author painted a splendid picture of her characters as Janie and Cabel came to life in the first few chapters. "Wake" is enriched with the fine qualities that's required for movie viewing. A story where the reader can feel the sadness, happiness, and the emotional trauma that Janie is forced to face. I recommend this novel to teens and adults, who enjoy stories that can be based on real life situations, and can feel a sense of glory. Geraldine Ahearn I.O.M. CCRN/Author of 6 books President of/ Author Geri Ahearn, INC.


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