Sunday, March 2, 2008

*****REVIEW Alfaland

BY: Susie Honeycutt Mystery/Romance A Great Read! REVIEW Is Also Posted on: And... *****REVIEW Kendra Patton, and her younger sister Aimee Sue, grew up at Alfaland, a prestigious country farm in Indiana. The Patton home consisted of one- hundred and eighty-eight acres of pure beauty, with blooming gardens, pools and ponds, and horses that Kendra and Aimee deeply admired. Childhood for the Patton girls was a family album of cherished, loving memories that shined through Alfaland from their parents and relatives, friends, and Amish neighbors. Their religion constituted high morals and values, respect, and love for others. Everyone in the town they lived in admired and respected the Patton family. The abundance of love that Kendra's parents, Byron and Leigh gave to their daughters could be felt through Kendra, Aimee, and Alfaland. At twenty-two years old, Kendra married Aaron, and was expecting her first child. Aimee Sue was in her second year of college, during which time she met the love of her life at a party. Kendra and Aimee were invited to dinner at Alfaland, a day that was supposed to be the happiest day of their lives. The anticipation of Kendra announcing that she was three months pregnant to her first child was overwhelming. The thought of her parents becoming grandparents, and Aimee becoming an Aunt, filled her with an abundance of joy that she could no longer keep a secret. The girls had arrived at Alfaland, and Kendra and Aimee were sharing secrets. Byron and Leigh were preparing dinner, and had just found out that they would soon be grandparents. Aaron was taking in the scenery, so much admiring the love and beauty of Alfaland, smiling at his dog Buster, who also loved the farm. George, who was the Patton's hired helper, was tending to the barn as he always did. Bryon and Leigh were shouting to the girls from their outdoor patio to hurry up, so they all could eat dinner, before it begins to rain. Kendra was inside the house, listening intently to Aimee Sue's secret. Aimee had just told Kendra that she was in love with someone. During this time, Aunt Jane called to warn them about a storm coming their way. Within a split-second, a raging tornado attacked Alfaland, changing the lives of the Patton family forever. In the first few chapters of Alfaland, the reader can sense love, happiness, and horror. In a clever way, the author describes beauty to its utmost level, and terror from mother nature in its devastating behavior. The strength of Kendra as described by Susie Honeycutt is a remarkable portrait of inspiration to all readers. The reader can detect love as described in the movie "Ghost." The reader can feel the happiness, and sadness as described in the movie "Love Story." As one reads through the lives of the Patton family, after the impact of the horrific affects of the tornado, pain and remorse can also be felt. I would recommend this novel to teens as well as adults. The story reveals a crucial fact of how our strength through an unexpected crisis in our lives can not only help us, but others as well. The author paints an incredible picture of determination through the lives of the Patton family, after they battle grief from death, and sadness from loss. The moral of the story lies in the truth that many of us have lived through, and the "Beatles" made a hit song of it, titled "All you Need Is Love." Geraldine Ahearn, I.O.M. Author of 6 books Author Geri Ahearn, INC.


  1. Wonderful Review Geri!! This book sounds very interesting!

  2. Thanx for commenting Crystal.
    This was truly a Great Read!
    There was Not one dull moment
    in this book--it simply makes
    the reader crave for More. I Loved
    it! It was a Good Solid story--So
    true to life & filled with Mixed-
    Emotions. One word for Susie
    Honeycutt....BRAVO--Job Well done!

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  4. I like it. I see all in your book what makes a good book. I think it will sale many copies. do not stop at this book. U have talent. Good Luck and May God Bless.
    Grandma Charla






  6. I met Susie on Myspace, I was very excited to hear about her book! Now after reading the review, I must run out and buy the book! While reading the review, I could actually picture in my mind what was going on, and sometimes, when you read a book, you just cannot imagine the entire picture, however Susie brought it all out very vividly. Great Work Susie!!

    Your friend,


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  8. Great review Geri! The review is very detailed and lets the readers know just what to expect. I would recommend this book to anyone! Anyone who has not read it, do yourself a favor and order your copy!

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  12. Susie, this is an eye-opening review by Geri Ahearns. This moment must be exciting for you. I look forward to reading Alfaland. Congratulations on your debut and wish you much success.

    Warm regards,

    J. Hale Turner

  13. This really sounds like a great story. I know Susie is a gifted person, and am especially looking forward to reading the book after seeing this review.

  14. I can't wait to read this book. I love a book that takes you through every emotion and there is a true heart felt meaning at the end. It sounds like a book that I won't want to put down. Good job Susie, and great review Geri.

  15. Thankyou Charla for commenting.
    I totally agree with you. Susie
    has Talent. I hope she writes a
    sequel & if she does. I hope she
    doesn't leave me hanging LOL!
    That would be pure punishment to
    find out she did & I didn't get to
    read it! Whatever was required
    for this book to be a success--
    Susie completed her Mission!

  16. Great review,I have read the Book Alfaland,I am not much of a reader,I could not put this book down.

  17. Thank you Kate for your comment.
    I for one can tell you that it was
    a very enjoyable read. Although
    your eyes may sparkle from the
    many Happy events that take place,
    you will also need tissues for
    the sad events that took place.
    I for one needed A Lot of tissues--

  18. Hi Rhonda,
    Believe me...U will be
    very contented. In a Clever way..
    Susie not only Painted a scenery
    of Alfaland that came to life,
    but so did the Characters. I could
    clearly see the characters as she
    described them!

  19. Thank you Stacey for stopping by.
    I totally agree with every word U
    said. Only one word in the English
    dictionary describes this book.

  20. Hi Joann,
    One of my Fave Authors
    is here. Thank you so much for
    taking the time to stop by.
    Susie...This is Joann--author
    of Orange Clouds BLUE SKY. You
    have been a Great support for my
    cause of trying so hard to Promote
    our Authors. God Bless!

  21. sounds like a good book to read on a cold winter night cuddled up in bed right before going to sleep. loved the preview of the book. makes me want to go out and buy one if i had the money.

  22. Hi Sharon,
    Thank you for commenting. The Truth is when I
    was forced to put the book down,
    then return to it, I was actually
    upset with myself for doing that
    LOL! Of course--Life gets in the
    way for All of us. But, I couldn't
    wait to Continue Reading it. That
    factor Alone gives a Picture of
    what Kind of Novel this is!

  23. Dear anonymous,
    Thank you for
    taking time out to comment. Also,
    thank you for the compliment.
    yes, it is for sure nothing less
    than a Great Read. You will not be
    disappointed. Susie made sure it
    was Entertaining to the last page.
    Actually--I didn't want it to end!

  24. Dear anonymous,
    I can relate.
    I was actually angry with myself
    when forced to put it down for
    a few hours. I couldn't wait to
    Continue. I felt like a child who
    just lost her candy--and hopes to
    get it back Soon!

  25. Dear anonymous,
    If there's any
    juicy-good book out there to read
    on a cold winter's night--all
    cuddled up in bed--Alfaland is
    the book. Warning--Make sure U
    have tissues & plan on being awake
    most of the night--because it's
    hard to close this book before
    the Last page!

  26. This sounds like the type of book that would be one of my favorites! Thanks for the great review.

  27. Hi Marilyn,
    Thank you for stopping
    by & for your lovely comments.
    I must agree with you about this
    being a Fave book. It will be one
    of my Faves--If I like a Movie
    alot--I will watch it several
    times over the years. Same for me
    with a Fave book. I'll go back &
    read it again if I really enjoyed