Saturday, April 5, 2008


BY: J. R. Gordon "Graves In The Wilderness" takes the reader on a historical adventure on horseback through the lives of Piper and Diego, two men who become brothers. Diego, nicknamed "NKawa" from his father, was a sole survivor after a brutal, merciless ambush of Comanche aggressors. The two brother's begin their journey through the trials and tribulations of the Civil War. They are forced to leave sorrows behind as they venture out to the early pioneer days of an underdeveloped Australia. In a mission to desperately begin a new life, leaving shattered memories behind, they are confronted with more tragedy and heartbreak. Their journey continues through bloodshed lands as a result of brutality, while a strong bond develops between them, sharing loyalty and compassion. The story is a touching tale of triumph, and loalty. Although the two men suffer from loss of family, and all possessions, they never react with bitterness and hatred. Instead, they help the less fortunate at all costs, even their own lives. J.R. Gordon depicts strength of the human spirit through the two brother's who fight for their highly valued morals. This novel is as action-packed as the movie "Speed " as the wild ride takes you through chilling, unexpected events. "Graves In The Wilderness" is rich in compassion, and as emotional as "The Patriot" with Mel Gibson. The author's knowledge of the historical events in the Civil War era, and the Indigenous culture was more than impressive. The reader experiences "A Pure Adrenaline Rush" each time the two brother's are forced to fight in unexpected horror to protect the rights of the innocent. There's never a dull moment in this novel, and the enthralling read is emotional, and values human spirit as highly as viewed in "The Next Karate kid." A highly recommended read for all those who enjoy a story based on history, combined with action, suspense, and compassion. "Graves In The Wilderness" is a superb combination of "Rich-Man, Poor-Man" and "Gone With The Wind." Gordon's expertise in describing the lives of two completely different men, adding drama to the Civil War era, results in a sentimental narrative that any historical reader would not want to miss! Geri Ahearn A.I.O.M. Author of 6 books Author Geri Ahearn,INC

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