Friday, June 20, 2008


DRAGON'S BLOOD BY: MJ Allaire Many of us have had exotic dreams during childhood where we were taken to, or discovered another world far away from the one in which we live. Those fantasies from the imagination can include dragons, aliens, or whatever we wish to create in the world of make-believe. Imagine your exotic dream one day becomes reality? Tonia, and Diam venture out into the forrest to gather chickleberries for their Mom, and suddenly they enter that exotic dream stored in the imagination as they get lost, and discover a hidden cave in their village. The girls tell their secret only to Micah, and Nicho, but not to their Mom. Then, the wild adventure begins as MJ Allaire takes the reader through the most fascinating, magical dream beyond any child's imagination. As four children venture out into the world of the unknown, while exploring the mysterious cave, they are determined to follow that dream. They are forced to make difficult decisions as they roam through the land of unexplained magic. Suddenly, they realize there are needs to be met as they become stronger, while facing their own fear through a dark, incredible journey. As the adventure continues, drama reaches its peak, while intelligent, cunning creatures challenge the children. Unique powers of creatures blossom, fantasy explodes like fireworks on the Fourth-Of-July, and the children learn what the word trust means as they complete their courageous mission through a surprise quest, beyond their wildest dreams. I would recommend "DRAGON'S BLOOD" as an excellent read for the entire family. This novel is as mysterious as Steven Spielberg's dazzling adventure of "the Goonies." MJ Allaire entertains the reader on the same thrilling scale as viewing the Masterpiece "E.T." The reader becomes inspired while following the children through the "Circle Of Life" as if we were viewing Walt Disney's creation of "The Lion King." The clever author leaves the reader with a question at the end, how far will you go for an adventure? "DRAGON'S BLOOD" is left open for a sequel as curiosity becomes a main target of focus. In this delightful tale, there is never a dull moment, and magical powers light-up the story as if viewing one of J.K. Rowling's finest in the adventures of "Harry Potter." Geraldine Ahearn A.I.O.M CCRN/ Author of 6 books Author Geri Ahearn, INC. Fellow Member of ABI Women's Review Board


  1. Hi Geri,

    Thank you SO much for reviewing the first book in my YA Fantasy Series, "Dragon's Blood: Denicalis Dragon Chronicles - Book One". I'm so glad you enjoyed it and look VERY much forward to your review of book two, "The Prisoner", and book three, "Dragon's Tear"! Book 4 is coming ... one of these years LOL.

    Big hugs and MANY thanks,
    MJ Allaire

  2. I'll worry about the Reviews,
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    I Now have a decorated box just
    for All your books--In case More
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