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**Welcome Author DARRYL E. ROBIDOUX**

Welcome Aboard! Author of: "Home After Dark...One Man's Memories" Genre: Non-fiction/Autobiographical http:/ =446091729 "Home After Dark" is an emotionally raw story of a man who-despite "escaping" home at 16-achieves the American Dream. By 40, he's comfortably wealthy and retires from a prestigious career. Robidoux's journey will inspire hopefuls to transcend circumstances and achieve unimaginable success without succumbing to societal and corporate pitfalls. His memoirs tell a modern-day success story. As a young man, Darryl clawed his way up the social, governmental, and corporate ladders to achieve his dream of making the successful transition from a poverty-ridden childhood to a life of comfort and prestige in the corporate arena. Now, he is currently undergoing treatment for bone cancer, and shares the intimate details of his dichotomous life-rich in business acumen and corporate accomplishment, yet bankrupt in affairs of the heart-in hopes that his story helps others realize their dreams without sacrificing what's truly important in life as Darryl did. Author Interview will be Posted on: www.authorgeriahearnsinterviews Book Review will be Posted on: This Blog


  1. Lee Adams

    Many will surely enjoy getting to meet this unusual man and get his autograph, adding considerably to the uniqueness of his book. The author’s story is intriguing and should interest a wide range of people. We wish the author well and Godspeed.

  2. I have known Darryl for many years, he is an intelligent and kind human being of unique depth. I only regret that I have not spent more time with him. My son has been the recipient of his generosity and humanity for years. Jim Hulihan...

  3. Best Wishes to Darryl for completing this memoir. We’ll enjoy reading about his past & taking life lessons from it. Nancy Mongan...

  4. Readers should find this book an interesting read and an intriguing life story. Meeting the author would be a special event long remembered, and will enhance the experience of reading the book for those who haven’t had the privilege of knowing the author personally. I wish you all a wonderful time and the author great success in marketing his work. Jerry Adams...

  5. Jennifer Donehue....

    I read the book! I found this book not only inspiring for readers to live out their dreams but brutally honest in dealing with matters of the heart. Coming from a family with little money, I related to the author’s drive and persistence to change his circumstances, obtain a higher level of education, and continue to set goals. I was absolutely entertained when he wrote about jumping out of planes! The author’s level of intelligence led him on many great adventures and he got to travel just about everywhere! While exciting and almost a fairy tale on one level, I was taken back to reality when the author described the trials of teaching himself how to love. Overall, this book had everything that makes life worth living; passion, adventure, mischief, and love.

    My accolades to the author for a truly exciting and honest memoir!! I can’t wait for the next book!

  6. Ann & Jack Hooten....

    Best to you Darryl, we are very proud of your book and a lot of people will enjoy it too!!!

  7. What an amazing book! Home After Dark was a fascinating read that was hard to put down. It describes Robidoux's life from his beginnings in rural America to his climb to the top of the corporate ladder. Robidoux reveals his professional successes and failures in a very honest and courageous way. Moreover, the book offers many important lessons in life and will definitely be on the top of my recommendation list from this day forward!" Glen Gable...

  8. "I must admit most books I have read lose my interest after the first couple of chapters, but once I started reading "Home after Dark" I barely put it down until I had finished it. My wife was wondering what was wrong with me.

    "The lessons Darryl learned throughout his life are not only interesting but will serve as great motivation for me.

    "His story showed me how someone can rise to the top of the business world with little or no formal education, but with a strong work ethic, common sense and a fierce desire to succeed. Darryl has shown that anything is possible if one really believes in him or herself.

    "Home after Dark is a great story about how a small town farm boy, climbed the Corporate Ladder to success and enjoyed a life that most people could only dream of, and all of this, by the time he was age 40. It really is an inspirational story, and I am looking forward to the sequel."

    Gareth Phillips, Australia

  9. "I've always been fascinated by the life stories of people… particularly those who have found great success through hard work and determination.

    "Darryl's story is no exception. It's amazing how vast his experiences were in such a relatively short amount of time. Much can be learned from his life lessons. Certainly worth a read!"

    Bettina Miller.......

  10. Thank you very much Lee for
    visiting & commenting! It is a
    Pleasure indeed to work with
    Darryl. One of those "special people" in this complex world
    that you don't forget. I look
    forward to the next few months,
    and sharing his Talent with his
    fellow authors!

  11. Hi Jim,
    Thank you very much for
    visiting! I cannot agree more
    about Darryl. It is an honor,
    and a pleasure to meet him,
    and work together for Promotions
    on his work!

  12. Hi Nancy,
    Thank you very much for
    visiting & commenting! Reading an
    author's memoir is different from
    my usual Reviews for various
    genres. I find reading a memoir
    is quite Interesting & enjoyable!

  13. Hi Jerry,
    Thank you very much for
    visiting! I couldn't agree More!
    He is a kind person, and Talented
    Author, among Many here like
    yourself! The Next few months will
    be a Wonderful journey indeed!

  14. Hi Jennifer,
    Thank you for visiting!
    My thoughts exactly. A book that
    Many can learn from. He points to
    the most valuable needs in a
    lifetime, those that are priceless,
    but essential for everyone to live

  15. Hello Ann & Jack,
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    company that Darryl keeps. We especially thank you for your

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  19. Hi Bettina,
    Thank you for visiting
    & commenting. I totally agree that
    the world can learn from life's
    experiences such as Darryl's
    story! Inspiring to All!

  20. Darryl and I have been friends for many years. I thought I knew him pretty well. But, in reading his book, I learned more about the depth and intensity of this man than I was ever aware of. I have always enjoyed discussing with Darryl complex matters of common interest.

    Frank Cvetic, Portland

  21. "What a life Darryl Robidoux has lived!!! My conclusion is that his book titled "Home After Dark" is outstanding in so many ways.

    "That is my reaction while I was reading his book. The story's details are Truly Inspirational from a wise man. It reminds me of a question that Philosophers have been asking for many years; what is life's purpose and what will an individual become?

    "It is a very honest book. Darryl shares his private life with me as a reader to become a better person. Life is all about becoming and never about getting. This book made me laugh, but it also brought tears to my eyes, and the most important reaction I got from this book is: I must work on myself as a person harder than I work at my job.

    "Who I eventually become as an individual will result in the ultimate pain or pleasure, and it's always up to me to choose. We as people all have stories, but this one is truly awe-inspiring!

    "Thank you Darryl, for touching my life; It has been a long time, since I have experienced as many human emotions from reading a book." Ron Attias, Palantine, IL

  22. "I found Home after Dark to be a true lifetime story of a very hardworking man who knew that he would not settle for less than what he wanted.

    "I am sure various parts of Robidoux's story have been experienced by others during their lifetime but maybe not all of his experiences by one person. For me, it was a very interesting read, and I found the many details that were explained to be fascinating. I was so drawn to the story that I couldn't wait to get back to the book and read more. I was anxious to see what was going to happen next. Very well described memories and I can't wait for Robidoux's next book."... Maryam McPherson Pleasanton, CA

  23. "What a story!!!! I believe this is a "must read" for anyone who believes they have come from a disadvantaged background, and as a result of that, they cannot achieve in our society. Darryl has given the reader a clear path to success---SETTING GOALS and with HARD WORK. Although I take exception to some of his transgressions, I do agree, and can relate to, his dreams and driven personality. He clearly shows the way to a life of success and luxury if one chooses to apply him or herself. I only wish I had read this book when I was twenty years old."...Russell A. (Rusty) Lush, Robina, Queensland Australia

  24. "Darryl, congratulations on your achievement as the in-depth details of your "one mans memories" you have documented must have been difficult not only to recall but also to endure once again.

    "In reading Home After Dark, the reader gets a real sense of a life torn between the heights of success in business and wealth with the lowest of lows of a broken heart. The lessons learned from dedication to achieving awe-inspiring goals through education and personal drive are honestly offered, but come with the dire warnings of personal depression from not knowing how to live a balanced life. Darryl's life is lived as two sides of a coin. It was a pleasure to share this great journey."...Glen Hawken
    CEO, TUG International, Gold Coast, Australia

  25. "Home after Dark is packed with so many life experiences that it could be the story of half a dozen people instead of one."...Ted Henry, Owner
    Film books by Ted Henry

  26. "I read Home After Dark and It was definitely an interesting read. I thought the parts about your career gave a good insight into how someone moves up in the world of large business." Guy Rabideau, West Palm Beach, FL

  27. "Thank you Darryl for the opportunity to read Home after Dark, your story is very honest and compels the reader to travel with you on your amazing journey. I felt your sadness, your pride and your joy in the three days it took to read." I look forward to the next book....Mary F Meeks,
    Green Valley, AZ

  28. Hi Frank,
    I don't know him too
    long, but I do know from 30 years
    of working with hundreds of people
    in a Nursing career, this Author
    is indeed talented, and Special!

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