Tuesday, March 31, 2009

**Welcome Author JERRY ADAMS, Ph.D.**

Welcome Aboard Jerry! Author of: "Discipline Without Anger" Subtitle: "But Doctor, What Do I Do When...?" Genre: Parenting/Self-help/Psychology www.myspace.com/jerry_adams_dwa www.disciplinewithoutanger.com Jerry Adams grew up in northern Iowa, and developed an early fascination with how children mature, and how they behave. Dr. Adams, once a tenured associate Professor, taught at several universities, and published numerous professional research papers. However, his heart was always in clinical work with children, and he left academia for full-time clinical practice. For twenty-five years, he served as lead psychologist for a very large non-profit health maintenance organization, specializing in assisting children and their parents. Dr. Adams, who is married, and has two sons, and two grandchildren is licensed to practice his profession in California. Author Interview will be Posted on my Interview Blog! BOOK REVIEW will be Posted on: My REVIEW Blog www.amazon.com

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