Tuesday, September 22, 2009

5 Star REVIEW~~The Organ Grinder And The Monkey~~Author SAM MOFFIE

Inspired by the work of Sam Moffie, after reading NO MAD, I was
extremely pleased to find that THE ORGAN GRINDER AND THE MONKEY is as descriptive, and intelligent. The author is one of a kind, a
master in creating unique characters, who come to life, with personalities the reader will remember. Seymour's dream is to be a
veterinarian, after he graduated college, he takes a trip to New York to
fulfill his dream. Irving decides that he wantes to join the New York City
Police Department, after his haunting memory of being lost on a field
trip in his younger days, and being rescued by a police officer. Although
Constance has a wealthy family, the good fortunes were never shared
with her. Her dream in life is to become a Rockette, but after moving to
New York City, she dances in a strip-club, where survival was the name
of the game. With perfection, the author weaves the lives of these three
characters into an outrageous, humorous story in non-stop action, page-after-page. The life of each character and how they react to challenges
and struggles is blended with precision into the unfortunate of today's
society as they venture out into the real world, and learn through experience the difference between dreams, and reality. I highly recommend this novel to contemporary fiction lovers, and anyone who
enjoys an interesting story, packed with emotion, and humor. Sam Moffie has an incredible imagination as he paints his creativity into an
unforgettable dialogue, while the fast-paced storytelling moves along
with delight. Does Constance survive New York City? What factors in
Seymour's life left him emotionally traumatized? Do the three characters
share anything in common? How did Irving's upbringing influence his
attitude on the solutions to life's problems? As we read on, the author
invites you to step into a roller-coaster-ride of mixed-emotions, broken
dreams, and psychological twists-and-turns through the lives of
dysfunctional personalities.The more you read, the more you become
addicted to Sam Moffie's distinctive, refreshing, and hilarious voice.
"THE ORGAN GRINDER AND THE MONKEY" is as entertaining as
TRADING PLACES, and as funny as ANALYZE THIS, with Robert
De Niro, and Billy Crystal.

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