Wednesday, September 30, 2009

**Welcome Back Author MORGAN FITZSIMONS**

I Welcome Morgan Fitzsimons!
Multipublished Author
Morgan has drawn and painted pictures since early childhood. At eleven, she
went to a school with a trendy, young art mistress, who honed up Morgan's love
of art and encouraged her to study all aspects of it. She studied the arts, and
obtained an NDD, ATD, and a BA. She lived in Lancashire, Shropshire, Merseyside,
and North Wales. She also lived in London and Peterborough and has spent
time overseas, including Paris, where she sat with other students, and painted
in the Place de Tetre and exhibited with artists along the Seine. In more recent
years, she has spent time in Africa,and the USA in periods from one week, to
three months at a time.
She has a passion for knowledge and reading, and a deep love of books. In the
early days as a teacher, she illustrated, and wrote for several publishers. She
was head of Special Needs spanning twenty years. Her physical disability, and
other problems led her to retire from teaching, and concentrate on other things.
She has designed, and illustrated for various publishers and manufacturers,
and has painted and exhibited in other countries, as well as the UK.
She loves history and myths, and legends from the past, in particular those of
her own Celtic background from Ireland, and Wales. This comes through in her
paintings, as well as some of her books. She loves the realms of imagination,
and themes that take you away from everyday living. She is also deeply committed
to her faith as a Christian, and loves heroes and heroines in the Bible stories,
such as Esther and David, and the very romantic stories of Ruth and Rachel.
Most of her stories have a moral heart to them.


  1. Morgan seemss like such an interesting person and so talented.
    Her celtic roots sound fascinating.

  2. Thank you for visiting & commenting! Morgan is indeed very
    Talented, and so is her family.
    She's a delight to work with!