Saturday, October 17, 2009

5 Star REVIEW~~"The Gymnastics Of Love & Discipline" Author BRUCE BENKO

A Parental Template For Giving Children A Voice
In order to teach your child right from wrong, do parents in today's
world need to change? What behavior patterns did your parents use,
how did that make you feel? In today's world, both parents are forced
to work, how many hours a day is your child with teachers, and day
care? What happens when your child has lost respect for you, who is
in control? Do you know what to do when your child does something
wrong, and how do you react? What happens in the child's mind when
his parent is aggressive, angry, and threatening? Can overprotecting
your child hurt him? How effective is it to use positive word patterns
with your child? Author Bruce Benko has spent over twenty years
working with more than 10,000 students as a gifted gymnastics coach.
Through his teaching career, he developed an understanding between
parent and child. His key to the golden door of a healthy parent-child
relationship is through a loving, compassionate, and nurturing
environment. I highly recommend this book to all parents, teachers, and
child-care providers. The author, who has experience after talking with
5,000 parents and working with 100 educators can help parents learn
successful ways to becoming better parents, through a healthy bond
between parent and child. What methods can you use as a parent to
make your child feel more secure? What happens to the child, when his
parent is inconsistent? What happens when a child does not thrive with
love, and understanding? Is school a lot more than just an academic
education, and what happens when a parent is not involved? The author
can answer these questions and more, while providing teaching and
discipline techniques for school, and home. In comparison to DISCIPLINE WITH LOVE AND LOGIC, I found THE GYMNASTICS OF
LOVE & DISCIPLINE : A Parental Template For Giving Children A Voice
to be more effective in providing many examples, answers to important
questions, and powerful in speaking and listening techniques. This
easy-to-read professional guide is packed with helpful tips and parental
techniques, crucial to raising children through a healthy relationship
with understanding, and success.

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