Thursday, March 11, 2010



Sam Moffie creates another Masterpiece as he takes the reader on a spiritual journey through the life of Eli Canaan, who is a unique character, obsessed with sexual encounters with Abigail, and faced with the consequences of a hex that a gypsy strikes upon him. The story is as intelligent as NO MAD and as comical as THE ORGAN GRINDER AND THE MONKEY, which makes THE BOOK OF ELI, the icing on the cake. Abigail paid one-thousand dollars to a gypsy, while concerned about her husband's promiscuity, having no idea what the end results would be. Little did she know that Eli's life was about to change, after he is awakened from a deep sleep, totally convinced that what was about to happen had to be a dream. As he begins to hear voices, informing him that he committed adultery, he feels guilt and regret after speaking to God, believing that his behavior is what directly lead him to the gates of Heaven. Julius, who is Eli's guide, sent from God, is on a mission to direct Eli on the road to a rewarding life. As Eli begins to walk on a spiritual path, he learns from the teachings of Jesus, and many others. Through these voices of his advisors, he begins to focus on changes concerning ongoing issues that society is forced to deal with, such as the outrageous salary of an athlete, or the religious institutions that don't pay taxes. The astonishing story-telling becomes unpredictable and more interesting as Eli voices his opinion in an open and honest, tell-it-like-it-is style. I highly recommend this novel to all fantasy and fiction lovers who enjoy plilosophy, blended with satire, and humor. The author penned a delicious, well crafted page turner on the ultimate redemption of a man who made a complete U-turn in his life as his mind begins to shift on life's most important matters. What was Eli's view-point on the misinterpretations of the teachings of Jesus? How did he feel about Hollywood's juicy gossip to the public? What did he think about people focused on the weather, instead of current events in the world? The clever author covers each mischievous page with wit and irony as the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth is told by Eli Canaan. What insight did Sigmund Freud pass on to Eli? What was Eli's opinion about worshipping money and sex before God? Sam Moffie painted a triumphant story in a delightful read. "THE BOOK OF ELI" will surprise you as much as Patrick Swayze did in GHOST, and will make you laugh as much as Jack Nicholson did in AS GOOD AS IT GETS.

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