Tuesday, March 16, 2010

**Welcome Author JAMES F. WEINSIER**

Author of:  "WHERE DO WE GO?"

Illustrated by:     Cliff Beaman

Genre:           Lyrical Children's Fiction/ Children's Wellness/ Parenting Resource







Born in New York City, James Weinsier was raised on Long Island. He received an Associate's Degree in Applied Sciences from Nassau Community college in 1964, followed by service in the U.S. Navy. Upon completing his tour of duty, he resumed his education at the University of Miami, graduating with a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration. He is now retired, and lives with his wife in Fernandina, FL.

Weinsier first grappled with writing in 1996, when in anticipation of his daughter's 21st
birthday, he decided to give her something unique and straight from his heart. The result was a one-hundred page journal of special memories he, and his daughter shared that was written in poetic verse. The manuscript was so well received by his daughter that he published a seventy page book of thoughts for his father, HERE...
AND AFTERTHOUGHTS, and gave it to him for his 90th birthday. James continued to write, and three years later after his first published work was released, MORE...THOUGHTS was completed. The book contains 199 pages of sentiments commonly shared between parents and their children. James presented it to his father on his 93rd birthday, shortly before his passing.

In 2006, James experienced the devasting losses of three family members: his father, a son ,and grandson.  Isaac Randolph died in a neonatal infant care unit from complications of necrotizing enterocolitis,an intestinal disorder, ten days after his premature birth. In response to the pertinent questions from his other young grandchildren about what happens to us after we die, James wrote a children's book, WHERE DO WE GO? It was published in 2008.

'Wondrous' events took place a couple of weeks after the book's publication, which was two years after Isaac's death. On the exact month and day of Isaac's death and only a few minutes from the exact time of death on that day, Weinsier's daughter gave birth to her second child, James Walter. Baby James was premature and followed his brother's path into the NIC Unit. Fortunately, his issues were not catastrophic. On his tenth day of life, James W. was strong enough to go to his family's home in Kansas, while on the tenth day after Isaac's birth, he had passed away. Both boys went 'home' on the tenth day.

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