Thursday, April 22, 2010



Jacob Nelson Lurie takes the reader on one of the funniest thrill rides through the past, present, and future of Davis Robertson. A young man who is supposed to be preparing for the biggest step in his life, before walking down the aisle to make a lifetime commitment is haunted by the memories of his past. He battles with his desire of a beautiful dream-come-true with all the sentiments of peace and love that flow from Heaven to the outrageous actions and adventures he spent with Hell's Angels, better known as his close friends. As the author opens up the door to a ride you will never forget, the reader becomes addicted immediately to unique characters, laugh-out-loud fun, and touching moments. Each character will remind you of someone you once knew as they come to life, with a personality we will always remember. These characters were created through brutal truth as the author paints each one with flaws in the no-perfection department, while the reader has the advantage to form an opinion, and to be able to compare them to friends they have. What crucial decision does Davis make, and does his lifestyle change, for better or worse? What happened in Vegas, and do the drunken parties end? Is Davis facing the same torment that many go through in modern day relationships? I highly recommend this novel to contemporary fiction lovers, who enjoy creativity, entertainment, and humor. Jacob Nelson Lurie penned a compelling story that's appealing to all readers, with brilliant dialog in a fast moving, witty journey. The fearless author tells-it-like-it-is, through a refreshing writing style, providing colorful insight through the antics of his close friends. Does the wild side of college life continue, along with the parties and alcohol, or do the hangovers become history? How long will Davis worry about promiscuity and unfaithfulness, before walking down the altar? Do many men also go through a living hell, while searching for their true love? How wild was the bachelor party, and who was known for pranks, and fights? The pages are covered in action, the story is impressive, and the ending is amazing. The clever author included everything it takes for this novel to be a success on the movie screen. "THE FRIDAY NIGHT CLUB, A NOVEL" contains incredible word play as in MY COUSIN VINNY, has as much irresistible fun as MEET THE FOCKERS, and is as funny as FOOLS RUSH IN.


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