Sunday, June 6, 2010

5 Star REVIEW~~"PRODUCTIVITY PLUS: Ideas To Live Your Life With Enthusiasm, Energy & Focus" Author JIM TEMME


Author, speaker and consultant Jim Temme provides ideas, and encourages the reader to improve on getting the most out of life in PRODUCTIVITY PLUS. This book shows you how to achieve more positive results in life, and business. Each chapter provides exercises and ideas on how to fucus, with encouragement and persistence. This book can improve self-esteem, direct one to change their lifestyle as it continually encourages improvement, while guiding the reader through guidelines that are easy to read and understand. The end results would lead the reader to a more gratifying life of fulfillment, self-actualization, and corporate success. I highly recomend "PRODUCTIVITY PLUS" to all those who wish to improve their lives and self-esteem, while searching for goals on how to produce passive income. As a professional speaker, Jim Temme incorporates facts and data to support his ideas on improving life. The author provides these ideas in a unique writing style in which the reader can grasp quickly. His ideas are practical, educational, and inspiring. "PRODUCTIVITY PLUS" provides ideas to put into practice immediately, while constantly encouraging commitment, and effort. This how-to step up the ladder of success is an ultimate necessity for every business owner, and for those seeking a change in life for self-improvement. Jim Temme defines leadership, and the essential tools needed to become productive, both at work and at home. The author provides direction in leading your own life to become a professional, who can also help others to succeed, through experience along the rewarding journey. Follow the guidelines in "PRODUCTIVITY PLUS" and you will indeed succeed!

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