Tuesday, June 22, 2010



First born as a human in Egypt, known as Maya and reincarnated forty-six times, Valantinus Ragvaldsson makes Anthony Hopkins look like an angel in THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS. What happened on August tenth, when Valantinus only had moments left to find a host for his spirit, and who was Louisa? Where were the screams of a baby heard from, and who was the mother of the infant? Who was the twin of Valantinus gazing at, and was he also a blood drinker? Although Valantinus lived without moral consciousness, was he aware that he was deceiving himself? Since Valantinus was the Governor, who was supposed to obey his orders? Who was Daniel, and why did he inherit the Viscount's title? Who was Antoine, and what did Valantinus want to do to him? Why did Marie despise Giselle? What message did Dagi send to Maya? Who was Lisette, and where did Valantinus take her? How old was Daniel, when he developed fangs, and night vision? Who was the Grim Reaper, and what was his intentions? I highly recommend this novel to all those who enjoy reading compelling vampire stories, describing the behavior, motivation, and physiology of mythical beasts. Ziana de Bethune delivers an incredible, horrifying tale of a predator that sends chills up your spine. The story is a page turner as the characters come to life in a historical setting as we continue to read about blood drinkers, and the dynamics of their society. It's quite obvious that the author spent years in researching an entire myth about the origins and reasons for being in the vampire world as she created a Masterpiece that's different, and refreshing. "VALANTINUS: Blood Brothers" defines the line between good and evil, is interesting, and leaves the reader craving for more. Valantinus is a unique, creepy character who is impossible to forget as the author continues to explain why these creatures behave as they do, and how they breed, and survive. The story is mesmerizing, painted with betrayal, vengeance, and terrifying suspense that's fit for the movie screen. The pages are covered with psychological demons with twisted personalities, and one demented incarnation of evil, leaving you on the edge of your seat. The plot is electrifying as Ziana de Bethune fills the pages with horrific details and morbid curiosity through dark, frightening, complicated lives of blood drinkers. This novel is not only bloody, evil and weirdly erotic, but in the world of vampires, it's a Knockout!

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