Thursday, July 29, 2010

**Welcome Author W.G. GRIFFITHS** Author of: "METHUSELAH'S PILLAR"


Genre:   Action Thriller


W.G. Griffiths is an award winning thriller writer of seven books including: MALCHUS, DRIVEN, TAKEDOWN, TALONS, and STINGERS. Regardless of what genre the book starts out as, it becomes a thriller. He is well known for his high paced originality, and strict attention to fine details. Griffiths' research usually includes doing just about anything his characters do, whether it be jumping from a plane, scuba diving ruins, hunting dangerous Cape buffalo in the African bush or suiting up for a personal bio-safety tour at a germ warfare facility. Reality rules. He currently lives on the north shore of Long Island and his latest book, METHUSELAH'S PILLAR, has just been released for the summer of 2010. His current project is the authorized bio of Triple crown winning hall of fame jockey, Angel Cordero Jr.

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