Saturday, September 25, 2010

**Welcome Author Domonique Mayhawk**

Author of:  "Meet Pooky"

Subtitle:       "The New Kid"

Genre:           Children's Book!/profile?id=2227058


I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan in 1981 to a single mother, Regina Mayhawk. My mother got married to Walter Mayhawk when I was eleven, and we moved to Ann Arbor that same year. I went on to attend Washtenaw Community College to study Computer Technology, and decided to change my studies to Graphic Design.

After studying there for two and a half years, I transferred to University of Michigan School of Art & Design to study: photography; Video; 3D Modeling; and Graphic Design. I worked various jobs as I gained experience in Graphic Design as I designed logos, magazines, layouts, and business cards. After graduating in 2008 with my BFA, it wasn't until after six months when I landed my first job as an illustrator for Sherry O'Neal, the author of children's book "LJ and the Dreammaker." While in the process of finishing the illustrations for Sherry, I wrote my first children's manuscript titled "MEET POOKY." After finishing the manuscript in December, I pushed the story aside to look for more illustration gigs. I was doing research on publishers, and building the look of my character, while my manuscript was collecting dust, during those months. I finally got self-published with XLibris Self-Publishing Company on June 22, and my book was released August fifth.

I am currently in the process of writing my next two manuscripts, based on the character 'Pooky'
that I created. I will also be illustrating for the remainder of my books in the book series. I hope to also write screen plays for feature films in the near future.

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