Tuesday, October 26, 2010

5 Star REVIEW~"MEET POOKY: The New Kid" Author/Illustrator Domonique Mayhawk

Pooky was popular in Detroit, and played fun games with many friends. She loved the block parties on her street, running after the ice cream truck everyday, jumping rope, and singing. Her favorite games she enjoyed were hopscotch, and Hula-hoop. She didn't mind the old broken-down homes in Detroit, or playing in an abandoned house on her birthday, friendship was more important. A fun day for Pooky was getting wet with her friends as a fire hydrant sprinkled water on a hot, summer day. She will always remember the barbecues, Kool-aid drinks, sharing ice cream with King and the sound of happiness as children filled the street with skates, and shooting hoops. Then one day, Pooky and her mother moved to Ann Arbor, which instantly changed Pooky's life. What will the first day of school be like with Ms. Penny? Is Pooky laughing with her classmates, or are they laughing at her? What did Rodney tease Pooky about? Why was Sheila jealous of Pooky? How did Candy make a difference in Pooky's new lifestyle? I highly recommend this book to parents, child-care providers, and teachers. The author wrote an inspiring, educational, and uplifting story. The main character is Pooky, an adorable little girl, filled with spirit, and motivation.
Domonique Mayhawk created colorful illustrations page-after-page as each character comes to life. The importance of a social life, self-esteem, and confidence blossom throughout the story. It is indeed a children's book that should sit on the library shelf, ready to be enjoyed by many children and families who moved from one location to another. Will Pooky fit in with her friends in the second-grade? Did Pooky's mother help play a part in her daughter's social life? How many children liked french braids, and who braided their hair? Where did Pooky catch bees, and did she miss it? Who did Pooky go to the park with, to play on the swings, and build different sculptures in the sand? Who becomes Pooky's new best friend in Ann Arbor, and does Pooky survive the traumatic transition of moving to a new world? "MEET POOKY: The New Kid" is as entertaining as Walt Disney's CHICKEN LITTLE, as delightful as SHREK THE THIRD, and as captivating as THE LION KING. Follow the new path that Pooky takes as she claims her place in the 'Circle Of Life!'

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