Thursday, November 4, 2010

5 Star REVIEW~"A THIRST FOR WAR" Author Raymond Gustavson



John Ulysses Martin had a dream at the age of ten and he finally had the opportunity to fulfill that dream as he marched off to war with his students, while facing the harsh reality of combat as he witnessed the death of his friends, and the cries of the wounded, and dying. What was Professor Martin's motto, before joining the war, and did his opinion change after serving his country? What did John do to earn the rank of Lieutenant, after digging a grave for Curley, while his hands trembled? Did his dream turn into a nightmare of despair, horror, and sorrow? Why did John walk with an awkward gait, and how did he lose the same leg that haunted him since childhood? Where did John meet Lydia, and how important was her father? Who kicked John's students out of the dormitory as Stewart College closed down, leaving John unemployed? Who shot Lady, and what did Haddonfield do to John at the bar? Why was John taken to prison, and what notes did he write in his pocket Bible? Why is the railroad bridge over the Cumberland River at Clarksville, Tennessee, significant to this compelling story? Does Lydia marry Lieutenant Wallace, what happened to her brothers, and how did she react, after John told her that he was joining Lee's army? I highly recommend this action-packed novel to all historical fiction lovers. Raymond Gustavson takes you into the middle of the battlefield and shows you the fight, while defining the brutal realities of war. This incredible story about history illuminates the life of heroism, love, and courage. The author created a Masterpiece, based on the expert knowledge of pre-Civil War, commitment, and sacrifice. This novel is impressive, is a page turner from beginning to end, and is indeed fit for the movie screen. What happened to George, and Smiley? Will the Yankees blame John for the murder of Haddonfield? What happened to Mr. Fred as John prayed for the fighting to cease? Who helps John escape from prison as tension reaches its highest peak, during an era of conflict and slavery as families are torn apart? The story is unforgettable, the characters come to life, and the conclusion is explosive. "A THIRST FOR WAR" is as entertaining as GONE WITH THE WIND, as dramatic as Steven Spielberg's SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, and is as emotional as THE DEER HUNTER, with Robert Deniro.

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