Sunday, November 14, 2010

5 Star REVIEW~"CHARLIE THE HORSE" Author Deanie Humphrys-Dunne


Charlie was born in Kentucky, and grew up at Racing Haven Farm. His proud mom nurtured him, taught him what to eat, and showed him where to run. She introduced Charlie to other foals, and General Quick, who was a famous retired racehorse. Charlie wanted to be as famous as his dad, but knew he had to learn about running skills from the General. His best friends were Glory, and Buddy. After running around the pasture with his friends, he gained confidence to reach his goals, and follow his dream. How did Charlie feel when he was informed that he had to leave his mother and friends behind, when it was time to go to the training farm? Who taught Charlie that he had to overcome his fears, and what did he do at Sweetbrier Racing Stable? Did Charlie stay focused with weights on his back, a saddle, and a girth? What did Misty and Kerry teach Charlie, and was he focused? How did Charlie respond to the sound of a loud bell, and did he obey to the commands of cantering, trotting, and galloping? What was the reason for blinkers, and what happened at Delmar Race? At age two, Charlie ran at the Donley Fair Race, was he scared, and did he win? Why did a blacksmith have to take care of Charlie, after this race? Where did Charlie become one of the best racehorses, and what was different about Woodmont Stakes day? Did Charlie ever become a champion, and when did he return home to visit his mother, his new baby sister, and his friends? How many races did Charlie compete in with Buddy? I highly recommend this fascinating book to children, parents, and teachers. The story is educational as Deanie Humphrys-Dunne points to the importance of discipline, confidence, and persistence. The main character Charlie is adorable, talented, and amusing. The author encourages children to work hard at reaching their goals, overcome their fears, and believe in themselves. Did Charlie become another Charles The Great, and did he follow his passion to reach his dream? "CHARLIE THE HORSE" is as entertaining as Little House On The Prairie, and as inspiring as "BLACK BEAUTY."

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