Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Genre:   Science Fiction      

"THE ROAD TO DAMARI" is the sequel to "SLINGSHOT" followed by:  "RIGHT OF WAY"





I live in Charlotte, North Carolina, with my wife, Susan. Our son and daughter, thankfully live close by. The beach is my haven, exercise my therapy, being with Susan and the kids is my wish, and writing is my passion. Stories of inspiration and the positive side of life are what intrigue me. 

The SLINGSHOT series took nine years to write. After finishing the series, I took a break, and read another good Dean Koontz novel. It was so enjoyable, that I was inspired to write SOON, which is a psychological thriller. Next came BLIND SIGHT, which is also a psychological thriller, and not yet published. Currently, I am deep into a Dumas project. In our family, Dumas has always been a popular author, going back to my father, and forward to my son.

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