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Oliver Surefoot was raised in a loving, caring family. He was taught, along with his brothers what the true meaning of morals and values are. As a young boy, Oliver had many good qualities, and his curiosity and way of thinking made him different from his brothers. Tom-Tom was strong like his dad and Jiffy was simply adorable, but Oliver was patient, intelligent, and compassionate. Although he never realized how strong he really was, his faith in God helped him to pass a test in life that he would never forget, as much as the reader will never forget Oliver. Three Fingers Cove consisted of many families that bonded together in love, happiness, friendship, and harmony. Then one day, that harmony turns into a nightmare, where love turned to fear, and changed the lives of all who lived there forever. This compelling story is a mirror image of what our future may hold, the doubts and mistrust we don't speak of and a reflection of the country we live in, filled with trials-and-tribulations. What would have happened to Oliver if he didn't believe in himself, or had no spiritual growth? Was it his faith that helped him to survive? Paul A. Ibbetson takes the reader on an emotional roller-coaster ride from the country to the city as we are introduced to unforgettable characters who come to life, while witnessing love, hatred, and sacrifice. Tippy Top was the beautiful home for its residents that made Three Fingers Cove a world to be proud of, until destruction and evil invaded peace and tranquility. Oliver was forced to walk on the road of faith, while facing many challenges, and life-threatening situations. I highly recommend this impressive, thrilling adventure to all fiction lovers who enjoy inspiring stories that are combined with politics, love, and war. The author fills the pages with chills, thrills, and drama that explodes from beginning to end. What secret did Sasha hide from Roger? Were the coyotes, foxes, and bobcats more terrifying than the bullies in the Union of the Curly Tail? Who was the worst predator of the forest? What happened to Crom, Grit, and Ruffy? Did the Gray Skunk win the battle, or does he win the war? Who did Ruby create a baby's crib for? What did the dying Opossum tell Oliver, and did this news change Oliver's life? Why did Oliver sneak off to Ladies Foot in the middle of the night, and what did he witness? Who helped to save Jiffy's life, when he suffered illness with a fever? Does Laura fall in love with Oliver? The animals of the Cove join together to defeat the Gray Skunk in the battle of the Great Second War. As good fights evil, Mr. Muskin dies, and a baby boy is born. Who survives the revolution for freedom, and what price did many pay? What brought Oliver and Jiffy to the city as they face the evils of tax-collectors, and dangerous gangs? What did Oliver do with the Roughnecks and the Tang Gang? What predators of the forest became Gray Skunk's killing machines? Where did Oliver hide Jiffy as he formed his own army? What did smelas do to Oliver, how many babies did the Barnabump family lose, and who were the heroes of Tippy Top? Will Three Fingers Cove ever be the same, and what saved Oliver's life as he faced the Gray Skunk face-to-face? "OLIVER'S TALE" is as emotional as THE DEER HUNTER, as entertaining as SAVING PRIVATE RYAN and as thrilling as WE WERE SOLDIERS, with Mel Gibson.

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