Tuesday, March 29, 2011

~~Welcome Author Janina Stankiewicz Chung~~

Author of:    "FAR EAST OF THE SUN"

Genre:      Contemporary Historical Fiction


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While most Americans know of the atrocities of World War II through films such as HOLOCAUST, SOPHIE'S CHOICE, and SCHINDLER'S LIST, Janina Stankiewicz Chung simply knows. Her family endured life under Communist oppression in Russia, forced relocation to Hitler's hellish Concentration camps, and the sorrow of losing their homeland. 

'FAR EAST OF THE SUN' is a remarkable love story, inspired by the deep and enduring love of her parents, their passionate belief in the dignity of all people, and their remarkable courage that sustained them throughout their tumultuous lives. A novel rich in character, and action-packed drama. 'FAR EAST OF THE SUN' is both a powerful moral saga, and living proof of the power of unconditional love.

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