Friday, May 27, 2011

*Welcome Author JEFF GONSALVES*


Genre:      Science Fiction/dystopian/sociological!/profile.php?id=1580966762!/subawthor


Jeff Gonsalves was born in Dublin, California, under the watchful eyes of his parents. Strange premonitions, such as ultrasound image of the umbilical chord snaking up his left nostril, foretold that he might be born with warped DNA or at the very least, a whacked-out brain. They expected a third eyeball, or a second gibbering mouth, but were relieved when he was born semi-normal. Now, no one would question the family pool!

Over the past twenty years, Jeff has lived in California, Colorado and the eerie caverns of his own imagination, but he would be content pitching a tent and residing permanently on a basketball court. His hobbies include weight-lifting,volunteering in the Big Brothers program,mangling electric guitars,and writing.  'Fork In The Road To Apocalypse' is the second novel in a science fiction series that currently includes five additional books. His first novel, The Subnorms, was published in 2001 and earned a favorable review from Kirkus, who called it, 'graphic, energetic and packing a dizzying emotional wallop.'

When he isn't writing, Jeff works on a pediatric floor at a large metropolitan hospital. He also enjoys progressive metal music and blames his irreparable brain damage on the soft rock his parents crammed into his ears when he was younger. He still has nightmares of hearing 'Bluebird' by Anne Murray. Maybe a full frontal lobotomy will help. 

Currently, Jeff is writing a new novel to follow Fork In The Road To Apocalypse. SciFi Books called this new novel, 'fast, brutal, and darkly rewarding.' A concurrent project is Diary Of A Disturbed Psych Aide, in which Jeff details true stories from his five years of working in a mental ward. The link to read this is: Comments are welcome and appreciated!

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