Friday, August 26, 2011

**Welcome Author KIM MALCHUK**


Author of:  'TASTING RAIN'

Genre:  Non-fiction/Memoir/Inspirational


Kim Malchuk considers herself an ordinary woman. When cancer took her husband, Mel, during the height of their romance, Kim made a choice to keep 'Tasting The Rain' despite her overwhelming loss. She then embarked on a poignant, soul-searching journey that led her to a place of rediscovery, peace and hope. Learning to trust her feelings and pursue her dreams, Kim turned her personal tragedy into personal empowerment, reawakening her spirit to love, laughter and living a life of inspired purpose. The result, 'TASTING RAIN.' Kim shares her secrets to success openly, with charming 'Kiminitions' that define hope, happiness, and healing. Challenging both readers and audiences to embrace her 'Why Not Now?' philosophy, Kim is an outspoken believer in the role our thoughts play in governing the course of our lives.

Kim was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and is the youngest of seven children. Graduating from college with a Business Administration diploma, Kim's education and work experience never prepared her for the career path that she finds herself on today as a best-selling and award-winning author, highly-acclaimed speaker in Canada and is working towards her certification in professional coaching.

With a promising future ahead, Kim is once again exuberant about life and all of its splendid possibilities. She is committed to sharing her experiences, through writing or on the stage, so that others can be inspired to achieve the life of their dreams. She is an avid athlete, enjoying semi-competitive softball, badminton, and bowling. Also a lover of the outdoors, she enjoys camping, traveling, and skydiving. "TASTING RAIN" is Kim's first book, but there is definitely more down-to-earth wisdom on the horizon.                                                                

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