Saturday, December 10, 2011



Most children develop a craving for reading at an early age, under the influence of parents and teachers. Many of their favorites are classics, Nancy Drew, or perhaps 'The Cat In The Hat.' But, Steven Clark Bradley preferred World Book Encyclopedias, peeking his interest in travel, and so his life began. After exploring thirty-four countries on four continents, Steven based his work on actual events, weaving a tense and suspenseful treatise in fiction. The author of five dramatic thriller novels, bringing stories and issues to life, then the best Memoir I have ever read is born. An Instructor of English and business, helping students in Translation and Linguistics, an ability to speak French and Turkish, an assistant to a prosecutor and he continues to move forward. Steven Clark Bradley is the true definition of the word Scholar, his life opened up many doors, and he walked through them. His luminous ideas and creativity will indeed leave eternal footprints in the sands of time. More important, Steven conveys that life has many roads to walk on, many succeed after failure in lessons learned. However, without Faith, we have nothing! If we cannot forgive, how can we possibly move on? Without love in your heart, how can your mind focus? To forgive others and be forgiven for wrong-doing, whether intentional or not is the Golden key to freedom, strength, and peace of mind. In addition, family and friendship are priceless, precious, and sacred. The love Steven shared with his parents and siblings is a treasure that inspired him to be a better person. After living seventeen years abroad, restoring shattered relationships and learning what failure is, Steven Clark Bradley finds a new leap in faith. The author reminds us about respect for life itself, and that it's crucial that a great nation must care and show mercy to the less fortunate. Today, is America really better than those we destroyed, is freedom really free, and will our great nation continue to stand tall and brave? I highly recommend this book to all those who enjoy an autobiography that's filled with inspiration, honesty, and is educational. This endearing Memoir, penned by a Master storyteller will inspire as much as it will make you laugh, and cry. A remarkable, passionate story that will leave an aftermath generation-after-generation, from one author who makes a difference in this world!


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