Saturday, March 10, 2012

5 Star REVIEW~~"THE WHIPPING CLUB" Author DEBORAH HENRY"The Most Helpful Favorable Review"
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Inspired to examine the territory of interfaith marriage, along with curiosity of her own Jewish-Irish heritage, Deborah Henry created an unforgettable and terrifying journey through the eyes of one family in this incredible story that will leave an aftermath, long after the book is closed. One woman, who is against all odds, confronts the truth to bring her child home in this powerfully-moving story, made for the Movie screen! Marian is a Catholic woman in love with Ben, who is a Jewish man. They get married, and have a daughter. Prior to their marriage, what dark secret did Marian hide from Ben, and why? How did Ben's parents react to his marriage to Marian? Where did Marian bring Adrian, and who told her that Adrian was being mistreated? I highly recommend this compelling novel to all literary fiction lovers, who enjoy historical stories that are chilling, intriguing, and inspiring. The author takes the reader on an emotional roller-coaster ride through the life of one family in Ireland, set in the nineteen-sixties. A story of compassion, redemption, and authority gone mad. Did Adrian live in an orphanage, or an institution? Was he in prison for no crime, and was he suffering? Who was responsible for abuse and cruelty, did Adrian escape, and will the trauma ever be forgotten? Deborah Henry penned a story that so many can relate to, one that will make you smile, and cry. A suspenseful story of love, loss, and triumph! "THE WHIPPING CLUB" is as brilliant as THE MAGDALENE SISTERS, as shocking as SUFFER THE LITTLE CHILDREN, and as heart-wrenching as THE GOD SQUAD.

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