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A Novel Of Iran On The Eve Of Revolution (Paperback & Kindle)

Genre: Action/Adventure in the Middle East

~~~About The Author~~~
Robert Bangor is a pen name of an author of academic studies, and a translator of Persian classics. Born in upper New York State, he grew up on Long Island. After graduating from high school there, he took a job, which ultimately brought him into contact with Pakistanis. This awakened his interest in the Middle East and Islam, and after serving in the army for two years during the Korean War, he elected to attend a college in what was then East Pakistan, now Bangladesh. That experience led him into the newly formed Peace Corps, first in Pakistan, then in Iran in 1964, where he was a staff member.

Leaving full-time work with the Peace Corps, he stayed on in Iran and was accepted in Tehran University in a program of Persian Literature for Foreigners, where he earned his Ph.D. in 1978. This was the same year that most of 'The Burnt City' takes place. He was present in Iran, during the revolution, and the hostage taking.

He left Iran in 1980, and did not return until the late '90s, after his retirement, when he visited old friends there in two successive autumns. The author returned to the Middle East, this time Saudi Arabia in the '80s as an English teacher. He was also called upon to prepare a Persian language course for Arab students. He retired in 1997, and immediately plunged into writing again as well as translating several Persian classics.
 The author had been interested in writing in high school, penning at least two novels that he later destroyed. In Pakistan, he wrote articles, short stories and poetry that were published in local newspapers and magazines. After his return from Iran, he resumed writing a few articles, and drafted two books. 'The Burnt City' was published in 2011, some thirty years after the first draft was written.

~~~About The Book~~~"The Burnt City"
Robert Bangor is a veteran of more than seventeen years in Iran. He is an eye-witness to the Revolution, providing his readers with a sumptuous banquet of violence, intrigue, and lust in the streets of Tehran...

An eerie geological formation, resembling a petrified city...                                                                     

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