Sunday, May 27, 2012

5 Star Review~"BROKEN WINGS" Award-Winning Author~ALEXANDREA WEIS


Pamela Wells is a wildlife rehabber, who devotes her time and energy in giving animals a second chance in life, her facility is the world she lives in. She often worries about who will care for her sanctuary if her health should take a turn for the worst due to lupus. Daniel Phillips is a former soldier, who returned from Iraq with post traumatic stress disorder and is sent to Pamela's facility as part of his parole. Two different people struggle everyday with disease and disability, at first they clash, then their hearts join together. Through the healing power of animals, two lives begin to change as they share the same peace and love they give to animals with themselves. The drama becomes intense after Pamela and Daniel share their love, before he skips town. Pamela has no choice but to turn to her ruthless former husband for help. Does Daniel return, and will the fight for Pamela become deadly? Who will survive, and will Pamela lose what she loves the most? I highly recommend this captivating novel to all romance lovers, who enjoy inspiring stories, combined with drama and suspense. Alexandrea Weis uses her expertise as a wildlife rehabber with a love for animals, combined with the compassion she has acquired from Nursing in creating a Masterpiece of love, struggle, and healing. This heartfelt story is a tale of one woman's struggle for happiness, set in rural Louisiana with genuine characters who become unforgettable, long after this book is closed. The author portrays conflict, trials-and-tribulations of illness, and how the little things in life have the greatest value. This engaging story that's filled with drama, made for the movie screen, will tug at the heartstrings page-after-page. The reader will laugh, cry, and take a new look on life of what they have, but never realized how special it is! "BROKEN WINGS" is as fascinating as MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE, as deeply moving as A WALK TO REMEMBER, and as dramatic as THE NOTEBOOK.

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