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Genre: Legal Thriller/Literature

~~~About The Author~~~

Frank R. Southers, a Texas Attorney certified as a Personal Injury Trial Specialist by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, served on the Grievance Committee for ten years and, thereafter, has represented complaints, witnesses, and lawyers.

Mr. Southers served as an Adjunct Professor of Law  for twenty years at St. Mary's University School of Law. He co-authored a well-used treatise. "The Workers Compensation Desk Book", and has lectured and written numerous legal articles on Personal Injury, Trials, Evidence, Civil Procedure, Tactics, Legal Malpractice, Mediation, and Grievance Law. Now, he's turned to fiction writing. "THE GRIEVANCE COMMITTEE-Book One" is his first novel.

Mr. Southers has almost finished "THE GRIEVANCE COMMITTEE-Book Two." Here, you will witness the evidence presented in several Investigatory Hearings. You decide if Scott Lonnigan and his fellow Panel Members reach the correct decision. You will see a very dedicated, caring, and likeable Scott Lonnigan find himself charged with a serious grievance. 

How will the Grievance Committee treat one of it's own? Will a Pentecostal Preacher help with Catholic Scott's redemption? Work is progressing on "THE GRIEVANCE COMMITTEE-Book 3" which deals with mysterious death threats to the Chair of the Grievance Committee. Plenty dissatisfied people have an ax to grind. Mr. Southers' imagination is engendering more books in the series. Raised in San Antonio, Mr. Southers now lives in Austin with his wife and their two dogs. 

~~~About The Book~~~

A serial shoplifter, Alexandra Jimenez wants the Grievance Committee to discipline her court-appointed lawyer, Jose P. Quiroz, who landed her on his fee couch for months through trickery. He claims her made-up charges are just spite from a broken love affair. Besides, his defense counsel argues, Texas Lawyers are not prohibited from sexual relations with clients. As her complaint moves through the secret lawyer discipline system in San Antonio, Texas, Alexandra --with help from her patron saint--convinces two other women with similar experiences with Jose to file complaints. 

With his defense council's tactics and with his parish priest's dominance over one of the woman, Jose seems to be winning as the case heads for a jury trial before a judge with something to hide...

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