Thursday, May 9, 2013

5 Star REVIEW~~"McCann's Manor:Portal" Author/Publisher CHARLOTTE HOLLEY


Elizabeth Carr and Kimberly Henson were roommates and became best friends, when they attended the University of Texas. They both share a gift that most people don't have, extrasensory perception, with a common interest in the supernatural. This extraordinary gift has taken them on several journeys through adventure, but also unforgettable, unexpected dark places, where trouble was brewing. One of those dark places was McCann's Manor, a two-hundred year old haunted house, waiting for them to walk through a door of horror. When Elizabeth and Kim were invited to a birthday party, little did they know that John Carter had a proposition for them up his sleeves, one they couldn't resist. They agreed to live in the manor one year to heal the house, filled with restless spirits. However, Elizabeth and Kim had a great deal to learn about the history of the three story monumental structure. Who else knew about the secret passageway, why did Betty's husband kill himself in the house, and what happened to Missy? Before a curse can be broken, Elizabeth and Kim had to dig into the past to learn about McCann, the Spencer family, and secrets that were hidden for years. Will the psychics discover the mystery of McCann's disappearance and if gold was hidden under the house as they attempt to get rid of evil spirits, or do they realize that they dug too deeply? Once they enter through the door of the rambling mansion, are they strong enough to face the consequences, and will they learn the true nature of the mystery? Were all the spirits freed and sent into the light? Charlotte Holley delivers not only an incredible page-turner made for the big screen that leaves you craving for more at the mysterious ending, but has crafted a powerful, edge-of-your seat suspense mystery that involves much more excitement than a haunted house, filled with evil spirits. "McCann's Manor:Portal" is thoroughly chilling, is as intense as THE AMITYVILLE HORROR, and as entertaining as WHAT LIES BENEATH. Highly recommended!

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