Friday, September 6, 2013


~~Book One of the Vampire Eden series


Eden Sayers is an extraordinary, strong woman with hidden secrets of her past that haunt her, an aging prostitute, who meets a vampire. Patrick plans to deliver her to a group of vampires as they contemplate on having her for dinner. Eden convinces the leader of the pack to turn her into a vampire, in exchange of delivering fresh victims, or she will face a horrific punishment of death. The CIA is anxious to arrest Eden, lock her up in a prison cell, and throw away the key. As Eden becomes traumatized from all the threats on her life, Patrick decides to team up with her, and destroy the vampire with her coven. The clock ticks fast, after Eden is changed by the queen of vampires, and she is forced to make crucial decisions. Is Eden's aging problem resolved, will she help the CIA to capture Aoleon and take her down, or will Eden learn what agony is in a tragic ending? Liz R. Newman delivers a brilliant story, combined of horror and terror that sparks not only chills and fear, but also fun and humor. The intense, scary story is packed with horrifying twists-and-turns as the author takes you on a roller coaster ride. The dark, gloomy setting fits like a glove as we are introduced to several characters, who are unique, and creepy. "VAMPIRE EDEN:Kiss Me or Kill Me" is as chilling as The Gingerdead Man, and as terrifying as Silent Night. Highly recommended!

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