Sunday, September 1, 2013

***Welcome Author JACKIE SONNENBERG***

~~Author of : "ALL THAT GLITTERS"  Coming Soon!

Genre:  Urban Fantasy/Crime

***About The Author***
Jackie Sonnenberg is an author living in the Chicago suburbs. She first published a few short stories in children's magazines and websites as a teenager, and went on to become a journalist, writing for the local newspaper, while still in high school. She graduated from Carthage College, continuing in journalism, working as a columnist and freelancer for newspapers. Here she wrote and published three books under Atlantic Publishing:Requested research topics about housing, business and pet care.

Finally moving forward with her novels, Sonnenberg is excited for the debut of 'ALL THAT GLITTERS' as well as progress on other works. She writes mainly urban fantasy, but has plans for science fiction, as well as a horror series.

~~~About The Book*****'ALL THAT GLITTERS"

        The town of Wickerwire, Iowa, has become the home of a famous jewelry thief,who happens to have an ability to get by completely undetected. He leaves behind no trace, except for what appears to be a calling card:candy in place of the jewelry he steals, the media giving him the nickname, "The Candy Caper." He won't give up, until he finds an item believed to be blessed with ancient magic...unless someone else gets in the way.

It could be the aloof police officer, who is blamed for his escape, the young reporters looking for their big break, or the new jewelry store owner who has the best security system in town. 'The Candy Caper' tries to juggle growing relationships in his personal life...and at the same time keep his notorious alter ego under its mask while keeping his eye on the prize. But what exactly is in it for him? Said to be a backwards superhero story telling the story of a would-be villain. "ALL THAT GLITTERS" is a satisfying read for anyone who has ever fantasized about living a double life, a secret identity, as well as having a special ability...and whether this ability is a gift or a curse.

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