Thursday, November 21, 2013



A young, beautiful ballerina struggles with insecurity and dark secrets as she fights for love. Becca Cooper is a talented dancer, who knows what she wants as romantic sparks fill the air, but to get where she wants to go, she must face her fears to be at peace. What are her plans for Caleb, does she accept her mother's death, and will she always be afraid of ice skating? Can Becca overcome the terrifying visions that continue to haunt, and what truth must she face, before moving forward?

Carrie Atkins delivers a compelling, suspenseful, and mysterious story, through the life of a seventeen-year old girl. The colorful characters come to life, the setting is picture-perfect, and the enchanting story entertains from beginning to end. The unique personality of the main character grabs your attention, and has you hooked in the first chapter as you crave for more.

The author takes the reader on an emotional roller-coaster ride through Becca's life, as we witness love, fear, and paranormal activity. "MY NEXT DANCE" is as exciting as Dance With Me, as intriguing as Flashdance, and as romantic as Shall We Dance? Highly recommended!


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