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Robby's Quest Children's Books
eBook, Paperback and Audio Books
Illustrator~Daniela Frongia

~~About The Author~~

Don and Cathy began writing their first children's book in 2010. They often sat outside watching, and feeding the birds. The birds were very clever and fun to watch, especially when the smaller birds kicked seed to the ground for the larger birds. It seemed that the birds had some group structure, and displayed very effective teamwork. They thought it would be interesting to write a book about a group of birds, flying south for the winter.

Although Don does most of the writing, Cathy and Don both bounce ideas off each other, and discuss where the birds might go, and what they might see along their journey. His wife, Cathy, helps proof and edit the rough draft, before sending the book to a copy editor for final revision.

Publishing their first book was only a dream. The finished book sat on their computer for over a year, before being convinced to self-publish. It was a difficult decision, but the birth of their grandson gave them the incentive to publish the book. Since publishing this book, they have published three additional books in the series. 

Don and Cathy live in AZ, with their cats. Cathy is a homemaker, and Don is a retired Manufacturing manager and former Elementary School Governing Board Member in the Cartwright School District in Phoenix, AZ. He spent ten years at Honeywell in Phoenix as a Business Unit Manager. In 1998, they relocated to Minnesota, where Don was employed at Team Industries as the Plant Manager of their Baxter facility. This facility manufactured hardware for snow-mobiles, motorcycles, and ATV'S.


~~About The Book~~

Robby is a Robin, who has teamed up with his brother Ricky, a family of six sparrows, three Mourning Doves and Benny the Blackbird. In this story, the group of life-long friends decide to fly south to Florida for the winter. 

The trip south is going fine, then along the way, Joy strays from the flock and lands in the backyard of Hersey, who is a very determined hungry cat. Joy is the youngest sparrow of the flock. Her parents and some of the other birds form a search party, and hope they find her, before it's too late. Hersey sneaks up on the poor little bird, and ends up falling into a swimming pool.

The birds continue their journey, only to discover their winter home has been destroyed by a hurricane. There's no food, and no-where to build a nest. Will they receive help to survive?

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