Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Genre: Biography/True Crime/Hoaxes-Deceptions

~~About The Authors

     Snjezana  Marinkovic holds degrees in Liberal Arts, Criminal justice, and Legal Studies. Her research interests include war crimes, peacemaking, and restorative justice. She is the author of the Born In Sarajevo Series.              

Gregory Torti currently lives in North Texas with his family, and is actively working with the Innocence Project of Texas to overturn his conviction.

~~About The Book

      If a man pays his dues, is he ever out of debt? Are his past mistakes ever forgiven? In our struggle to protect the helpless, have we lost the ability to determine who is innocent? 

Gregory Torti may not have the perfect past, but learned from his mistakes, and was ready to move on. The justice system has a different idea of him, and no matter the facts it is willing to cast aside reasonable doubt. Just as Gregory was ready to live the honest American dream, he is thrown into a battle for true freedom.

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