Wednesday, February 19, 2014

5 Star REVIEW~~"HAIR OF THE DOG"~**Mystery Author CINDY DAVIS**


      Investigator Angie Deacon plans a peaceful, relaxing vacation in New Hampshire. She contemplated on completely chilling out, away from the stress, in a place where she thought that she could also focus on her relationship with Detective Colby Jarvis, hoping that the future will ignite romantic sparks between them. Instead, her delightful train of thought about her relationship, along with trying to absorb a restful vacation turns into a complete nightmare, when a non-stop barking dog next door to her rented cottage causes rage and anxiety. Jarvis only had to suffer through the horrific, irritating barking one night, before leaving for Boston, which changed his calm mood. Angie filled with anger as the barking continued, and this rage to confront the owner lead to an unexpected nightmare. She didn't care about causing a scene with Simon York, and her anger was witnessed by quite a few people. She was so distracted by the noise, and the rude, unsympathetic reaction of the dog owner, that she became blind of what the consequences could be.

She knocked on Mr. York's cottage several times in an uproar to stop the barking. She left notes on his door, and learned about all the citations Mr. York was given about the continuous barking. She was upset, after searching for Mr. York in the bar, and people in the diner noticed her outrage with the dog owner. All these incidents led to the horror of Angie Deacon becoming the number one suspect, after Simon York was found dead, lying in a pool of blood. To make matters worse, Simon's wife was also found dead. Will Angie be able to find the real killer, complete the mystery puzzle, and get herself out of boiling hot water? Time is not on her side as the clock ticks fast. Will her future be filled with freedom and happiness, or will Angie completely lose control, along with her dreams of a romantic relationship with Jarvis? Will Angie continue to be sleepless in Weirs Beach, or will she see a new beginning?

Mystery author Cindy Davis pens a suspenseful, dramatic story that draws the reader's attention in chapter one as the reader is taken through a series of mysterious events, including murder. The riveting story directs us through unexpected twists and turns, until the final conclusion. The setting of the breathtaking scenic view of Lake Winnipesauke is picture-perfect, along with unique characters who shed light on the thrilling story. "HAIR OF THE DOG" is as intense as Suspect(1987), as suspenseful as Presumed Innocent, and as entertaining as The Client(1994). Highly recommended to all mystery, and thriller lovers!            



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