Friday, February 7, 2014

**5 Star REVIEW~~"ROBBY'S QUEST FOR SEED"~Award Winning Author~D.C. RUSH**


      A very handsome robin named Robby was the leader of the pack in a group of friendly birds, who took good care of each other. They gathered together to prepare for a long journey south for the winter. As the journey began, the group encountered many challenges, and unexpected situations. The twelve birds had group meetings, and Robby made sure everyone knew the rules.

They traveled through many different places, once they departed from Ohio, including Kentucky, and Louisville. By the time they reached Birmingham, they became excited about getting closer to their new destination, sunny Florida. However, along the way, Joy wandered off, finding herself in deep trouble with Hersey. A rescue team was formed, and her life was saved, from battling with the mean cat. Then, they realized there was no food to be found, and they needed warm shelter. To make matters worse, they got lost as they learned the true meaning of exhaust, and starvation.

Despite all the problems they had to deal with, survival became the name of the game, until the sun began to shed light upon their lives in their new home, Lake Pleasant.

Inspired by the love of nature, "ROBBY'S QUEST FOR SEED" was born. D.C. Rush pens a fun-filled story that will not only make children laugh, but teach them many lessons in life. This intriguing story teaches children about decision-making, the importance of following rules, the true meaning of leadership, and group participation. In addition, the author highlights the value of friendship, confidence, and why team-work can make a difference. This delightful story includes eight chapters of inspiration, with colorful illustrations that bring the story to life. "ROBBY'S QUEST FOR SEED" is as fun-filled as Chicken Little, as heartwarming as Charlotte's Web, and as entertaining as Lady And The Tramp. Highly recommended to teachers, parents, and child-care providers!                                            

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