Sunday, February 23, 2014

**Welcome Back~Award-Winning Author~D.C. RUSH**ROBBY'S QUEST:OCEAN BOUND**


Genre:  Children (age group- 5-7)


Illustrator~~Daniela Frongia

***About The Authors***

      One day, Cathy and Don were watching the birds playing in the birdbath and eating from the bird-feeder. On a block wall in the back-yard, the birds patiently waited their turns, resembling airplanes waiting to take off at a busy airport. Cathy and Don were amazed at how the birds politely took turns at the bird-feeder and how the smaller birds would help the larger birds by kicking seed to the ground for them, and they decided to write a children's book on the subject.

Cathy and Don live in Sun City, Arizona, along with their cats Hershey and Nomi. Cathy is a homemaker and Don is a retired Manufacturing Manager and former Governing Board Member at the Cartwright School District in Phoenix, Arizona.

***About The Book  (ROBBY'S QUEST:Ocean Bound)***
      To escape the hot Arizona summer, Robby and his friends fly west to San Diego in search of a cool summer breeze, and some seaside fun. Upon arriving in San Diego, Joy and Josie wander off to investigate a cruise ship, and end up on a voyage they will never forget. Will Joy and Josie get back to their loved ones? Will there be an encounter with a killer whale? Will there be a daring rescue mission? Find out what these plucky birds are up to...

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