Wednesday, March 5, 2014



      A young boy finds himself one evening, walking a lonely, silent road in the dark, as he contemplates to reach his safe destiny. He begins to realize that he should not be alone, so far away from where he belongs, so he walks faster-and-faster. Suddenly, he makes one wrong decision that will affect his life forever. A young girl plays her favorite fun game in the mirror as she pretends to play movie star, until her imaginary play-time turned into devastation, and fear.

This child will never forget her favorite game, which will forever remind her of her worst nightmare. A very young boy plays in a hot-tub near a poolside, but one incident that day, will place a scar on his life that may never heal. All three cases have something in common. Within a split-second, an unexpected horrifying event occurred, that will change the lives of a victim forever.

Snjezana Marinkovic and Gregory L. Tori deliver a powerfully moving presentation through extensive research and investigations with heartfelt, emotional stories about the lives of criminals and victims as they share their own personal stories, and opinions about the American Criminal Justice system. The authors highlight what happens behind closed doors of a victim, what happens when someone found guilty is innocent, a behind-the-scenes look of prison cells, and the true definition of survival. The reader follows an intense, frightening court case, along with incidents in people's lives that continue to haunt. If the convicted made one mistake, but paid big-time, will he be able to move forward? If someone had to pay for a crime he did not commit and is released from prison twenty years later, will he be able to get his life back? Can our justice system protect the helpless, while defining the true meaning of mercy? Has it become easier for many to be silenced in situations of injustice, rather than voicing a statement in the fear of a courtroom?

The reader will think about the touching stories in this book that tug at the heart, long after it's closed. "JUST POINT AT HIM" is as chilling as The Juror, as entertaining as The Shawshank Redemption, and as emotional as The Green Mile. Due to the sensitivity and graphic content within the stories, I highly recommend this book to adults only, who are interested in criminal justice, and legal studies!                            

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