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      Criminal defense lawyer, Scott Lonnigan usually absorbs much more than one can handle on an average day, and some days are more challenging to deal with. On the day Wayne dropped off a bag of cocaine, and left it on Scott's desk is a prime example of Scott becoming involved, over the top of his head. After one man makes a promise, it gets broken, and before you know it, the innocent can easily become a victim. The law may be Scott's life, but will he be able to keep his name on a clean slate? When Scott's world changes as fast as a bolt of lightning, who will be the accused? Will justice be served, and for whom?

Frank R. Southers uses his expertise from many years of experience, working as a Texas attorney, as he invites the reader to a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on inside the court-room. We begin to learn how the law works, the true definition of justice, and the meaning of 'innocent until proven guilty.' The author presents different cases, and key factors to what a trial consists of, and its outcome in a verdict. In addition, the reader learns how much one can pay for 'a serious mistake' and how words can transform our lives within a split-second. Most important, Frank R. Southers has you thinking about the lives of the accused, along with the lives of professionals as we sort out the rights from the wrongs, long after this book is closed.

Book Two is a legal thrilling Masterpiece in this intriguing series, packed with gripping stories about flawed, colorful characters who come to life, in a picture-perfect setting that fits like a glove. "A SERIOUS MISTAKE" is as dramatic as The Client, as intense as The Juror, and as entertaining as The Pelican Brief. Highly recommended!

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