Thursday, June 5, 2014

***5 Star REVIEW~"TO GET EVEN"Author/Attorney~FRANK R. SOUTHERS***


      Author, Attorney Frank R. Southers delivers another engaging, fascinating legal thriller that entertains from beginning to end. Through years of expertise and working as a trial lawyer, the author invites the reader to the inside-scenes of the courtroom. A place where we take a seat in silence, and pretend to be on the jury as we witness the legal disciplinary system in session, while each one of us sheds a different light on the good, the bad and the ugly.

Inspired through sharing his own knowledge, Frank R. Southers takes the reader to a new world, presenting us with a challenge to our own intellect as we listen intently, making our own final decision. As a result, the reader will learn how the law works when manipulated, and possibly placed in the hands of the wrong people. Most important, one must obtain every single piece of convincing evidence, before a crucial decision is made.

Trial lawyer, Jonathan Carter, who serves on the Texas Grievance Committee, continues to receive death threats. Jonathan takes it light and ignores threat-after-threat on letters, artistically made from a pro with words snipped from many magazines. However, the letters do not indicate a reason, a time, or a place for the unexpected to blossom. In addition, the reader will witness several dramatic hearings as we are introduced to Mac McCormick, an emotional attorney with a temper, called before the Grievance Committee.

Is Jonathan found guilty as he enters the personal injury game, and is someone trying to get even? The reader will detail the evidence given on both sides as we draw our own conclusion for a verdict, based on whether we think the accused is innocent, or guilty. We also witness the flaws in the justice system as we cast doubt on those using the Committee as a personal revenge. "TO GET EVEN" is packed with mysterious twists-and-turns, is as entertaining as The Lincoln Lawyer, and as gripping as John Grisham's The Rainmaker. Highly recommended to all those who enjoy dramatic, legal thrillers.

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