Friday, August 29, 2014

5 Star REVIEW~~"COLLISION:The Battle For Darracia"(Book 2)~Bestselling author MICHAEL PHILLIP CASH



      The Battle For Darracia continues a saga of destruction as the war began to brew at the end of 'Schism.' A once known peaceful world becomes a world of turmoil as a young Prince struggles to keep his kingdom together, while refusing help from his family. Zayden continues to hunt for his evil uncle as Tulani attempts to bring her two worlds together, but what is Staf Nuen up to, and does he succeed on his horrifying mission?

      Time begins to run out too quickly, as violence fills the air. Does Staf Nuen get his wish, what happens to Tulani, and will V'sair survive from the icy water? A dread fills the air, while brutal destruction continues.

      Michael Phillip Cash delivers a thrilling, science fiction epic that has you on the edge of your seat as the war becomes more-and-more violent. The colorful characters come to life in a picture-perfect setting, as a collision course begins to test much more than power. "COLLISION: The Battle For Darracia" is chilling, suspenseful, and as entertaining as 'This Island Earth.' Highly recommended to science fiction lovers, who enjoy intense thrills, with a blend of fantasy.

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