Thursday, August 28, 2014




      The courtroom drama begins with a jury trial in San Antonio, Texas, in which the Plantiff wins a huge malpractice judgement from a hospital, a doctor and the defense attorney's clients. The Defense attorney does everything in her power to have the judgement dismissed against her clients, along with having the Plantiff lawyer disbarred. The case is presented in a jury trial for the family of a brain-dead client.

      Author and Attorney Frank R. Southers takes the reader inside the courtroom, as we witness an on-going jury trial that has so many twists-and-turns that grabs your attention, and never lets go until the very end. The Plantiff attorney and the Defense attorney do not see eye-to-eye. All the facts and arguments are presented, while we anticipate who will win. The reader could feel the tension as the suspense becomes intense, while we ponder on Kincaid, known for abuse and Helene, known for her anger.

      In a most professional, dignified manner, the author teaches the non-lawyer how much work must be done, before presenting a case to the jury. In addition and most important, the reader learns that the verdict can be shocking and sometimes reality is, that no-one really wins, especially when justice turns into revenge. "LAWYER MAGIC" intrigues from beginning to end, is thought-provoking long after you close the book, is as entertaining as Runaway Jury, and as riveting as Erin Brockovich. Highly recommended!


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