Monday, August 18, 2014

5 Star REVIEW~~"SCHISM:The Battle For Darracia"Bestselling author~MICHAEL PHILLIP CASH"


      Master storyteller, and Bestselling author, Michael Phillip Cash strikes gold once again as he delivers an epic fantasy that grabs your attention immediately in the first chapter and has you on the edge-of-your-seat, until the final curtains close. The author takes the reader on an unforgettable, science fiction thrill ride with an intriguing story that becomes more intense, page-after-page. 

      A social gap on the planet Darracia begins to cause turmoil in a place that was once known to its people, as a peaceful world. A young Prince struggles for his identity, who finally realizes that his loved ones must all work together as a team, in order to prevent total destruction. As young Prince V'sair waits in line for the throne, his evil uncle attempts to have V'sair, and the King killed. A war is brewing as the battle begins. Who will survive, who will win, and conquer all?

      Michael Phillip Cash pens a dynamic, epic fantasy, combined with science fiction and colorful characters in a picture-perfect setting, that will light up the big screen. This first installment in a series that's packed with intellectual thrills, leaves the reader craving for more. "SCHISM:The Battle For Darracia" is as thrilling as War Of The Worlds with Tom Cruise, as engaging as Forbidden Planet, and as entertaining as The Day The Earth Stood Still. Highly recommended for those who enjoy science fiction, suspense, and fantasy.

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