Monday, September 15, 2014

**Welcome Back~CARY ALLEN STONE**Author of~"AFTER THE GOODE"

ASIN: 1493682644 (Paperback)


~~A Jake Roberts Novel

~~Book 3 in the Jake Roberts Series

***About The Author***
      Cary Allen Stone was born in 1953, began flying in 1972, and received his Bachelor of Arts in 1976. He was hired by his first airline in 1982. Aviation has given him a very unique perspective of life and led to his writing. 

      In 1992, he flew for film director Sir Ridley Scott. It gave him an opportunity to discuss his writing with Sir Scott, who remains an influence for him. He has written a true crime case study of filicide titled "Through A Mother's Eyes." He has published a cybercrime thriller, "Stealing Atlanta." And he has authored his Jake Roberts Series: After The Evil, Mind Over Murder, and 'After The Goode.'

      In addition to his career in aviation and writing, he had a non-speaking character role in AAA Club advertisement; did voice-over-radio commercials; performed stand-up comedy; and was an extra in a motion picture. He is also a member of the Phoenix Writer's Club, The Arizona Authors Association, and the Desert Sleuths.       

***About The Book***(After The Goode)
      Jake Roberts' superiors in Atlanta Homicide gave him a choice-retire, or face criminal prosecution. Jake went beyond the rules to capture serial killer Jared Hamilton. Jake decided to retire and move to Los Angeles with his Hollywood agent girlfriend Caitland, where he writes Bestselling crime novels.

      They decide to take a mini-vacation to visit his best friend in Phoenix. Bobby Goode is a superstar comedian. During his opening night in Phoenix, he humiliates a heckler. After the show, the heckler stalks Bobby with a baseball bat. Defending himself, Bobby shoots the man. He panics from the fear that he will lose his fame and fortune if anyone finds out. At the crime scene, Phoenix homicide detectives Wynter Williams and Vince Farina investigate a charred body and torched Cadillac. They invite Jake to consult on the case. Jake later determines that it is Bobby they are looking for. On closing night, inside the comedy club, Jake and Wynter arrive to arrest Bobby-"Shots Fired!"

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