Tuesday, January 22, 2008


MY FEEDBACK On This Book I found "The Healer's Garden" to be a Great Read. Throughout this Novel-- the Reader can actually feel heartfelt emotions as the author walks you in one door and out another. The book is a combination of romance, drama, and suspense. There's never a dull moment from chapter one to the ending. The reader can feel the sadness, happiness, fear and glory combined. For the icying on the cake---the ending is Happy, and the reader is left with that famous question related to Craving. What happens next? Last but not least, there was a Good moral to the story, which adds another golden star to the clever thoughts of this author. It's not about gay or straight. It's about Happiness in our lives--filling that voided space in our hearts that makes us younger--regardless of race--color--creed--orientation. We all grow up in a society, searching for love, and giving love. When labels are attached to reasons for happiness--that's where the word happiness must be clearly defined, because mistakes through this journey could change our lives forever.

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