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~~BOOK REVIEW~~ Jahara is a twenty-eight year old woman, who is a medical director of a hospital, and runs a healing facility. Merenith is a gifted animal trainer, and runs a vet clinic and farm. Although not legally binding, Jahara and Merenith pledged a commitment to each other, after rehearsing their sacred vows of love. Jahara's ring on her left hand reminded them everyday of their vows. They lived a quiet life together in the heat of the desert, riding their horses into the mountains, or hiding along cool forest trails was where they shared their private life. Merenith did everything in her power to win Jahara's happiness, but Jahara always felt something was missing, a small hole in her heart existed that she never spoke about. Merenith always knew that one day Jahara was going to be ordered through a governmental law, requiring Jahara to leave Merenith for two years. Jahara would have no control over the situation, and Merenith had completed her mission for this order years ago. Jahara's papers came in, with details about her mission to "The Garden Of Serenity." "The Garden" on the outside consisted of villages, appearing beautiful to the eye, like the "Garden Of Eden." Merenith did her time years ago, where she gave birth to two babies, a male and a female, but finds it too painful to talk about until now. Out of love, she desperately tries to convince Jahara that "The Garden" is not that bad, swallowing painful memories while calming Jahara, trying to enforce courage. Merenith was totally convinced that after Jahara fulfills her obligation to this order, they could bury the memories together, and move on with their lives. Merenith was unaware that their life together was about to shatter like broken glass, before Jahara's mission was completed. Jahara is riding a train with approximately one- hundred women, thinking quietly to herself about this place, not knowing if she will survive what she has dreaded for years. Her mission is to become a human incubator for nine months. She was required to give up her professional job at home, give birth to two offspring with the probability of never raising the infants, then return home to Merenith. "The Garden" was fifty-two miles long, consisting of several villages, and a hospital. Jahara was on that train with the new breeding group, ordered for their services for a minimun of two years, providing each woman prayed that their time would not be extended, if an infant didn't survive, or if the newborns were not female. Women at "The Garden" were superior, and men were used as slaves, and treated like animals. According to the governing laws, the soul purpose of men was for reproduction, and labor. Although "The Garden" was pretty on the outside, it was really the house of horror and torture. The soul purpose of "The Garden" was to create a superior female world, eventually eliminating any males from the population. Doctor Bresilee was in charge of "The Garden." She ran it like a militant, filled with hatred, despising all men. As a young woman, she was abused sexually, living with burned scars on her body, and in her mind. Her revenge to men turned into insanity to where she would do anything in her power to rid all males from the world, including murder. Behind closed doors of "The Garden" existed a haunted house of terror, torture, and death. While working as a healer in the clinic, Jahara learns that Doctor Bresilee performed experiments, ordered castration, and extinguished bodies in an incinerator. Jahara falls deeply in love with a male breeder named Brenimyn, and her past thoughts of men completely change, while her relationship with Merenith ends. Doctor Bresilee becomes informed through her spies that Jahara is aware of the brutality, and illegal punishments committed everyday at "The Garden." Brenimyn becomes the leader of many men, giving speeches, and protesting for equality. Doctor Bresilee orders her guests to beat and castrate Brenimyn, while planning to murder Jahara. In a desperate struggle to save their lives, Jahara and Brenimyn find themselves in a war, fighting for their rights and freedom of slavery for all the residents. Jahara fights back, saves Brenimyn's life, and completely changes "The garden" after the death of Doctor Bresilee. Merenith and Jahara contribute to changes in governing laws for the people, ensuring equality for all, and put brutality to an end. Jahara and Brenimyn get married, and live happy. Reading through this novel is like watching a classical movie that's packed with romance, suspense, and horror. It's the kind of novel the reader cannot finish tomorrow, after feeling every emotion the human body can endure by chapter three,when there are many more chapters to read. The author was clever to begin with love and peace, making the reader calm and content. Suddenly, a few chapters later, the reader is weeping at tragedy. Finally, just like in a horror film, the reader sits at the edge of his seat, gasping at the thought of Jahara and Brenimyn being murdered, which you don't find out until the last few pages. the romance is as good as it was on "The Titanic." The suspense was as good as one of Alfred Hitchcock's thrillers. The ending was superb as the heroes showed how love conquers all. 1/21/08 Geri Ahearn IOM Reviewer/Poet/Author 6 books

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