Friday, January 18, 2008


I would like to take this opportunity to kindly ask All of you to Please be Patient. We all have other responsibilities to meet on an everyday basis. As far as the REVIEWS are concerned--if you wish to come back and request a second or third book to be REVIEWED--that's Fine. But, I will not REVIEW any book that needs to be done ASAP--24 hours or in 2 days. My thought on feedback for your REVIEW should Not be rushed, and each book should be given the same time span. As an Author of 6 books myself--I know what it takes to get it published. After that huge step--the book should be Respected for Each REVIEW I do. I refuse to put a time slot--I feel Authors deserve More. During my time of reading--I also Make several Announcements--which is a Great Promo for your book. I aim to give each book I read the Respect & Attention that the Author deserves. So...If I'm REVIEWING---You & Your Book will be Under the Spotlight until my REVIEW is Posted On this Blog & other Websites. In the Same manner in which I respect your book--I kindly ask that you All Respect my wishes. Thankyou, and have a Great Weekend!

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