Sunday, October 19, 2008


By Sarah Abdulaziz Sarah Abdulaziz pens a unique, inspirational, and thought-provoking collection of poetry titled "Crying Rose." The young author created a Masterpiece from life's experiences, and voices her opinion of pity and sadness that covers the world we live in, like a blanket, visualized through poetic eyes. What better place to begin taking notes, and jot observation is there, other than the Big Apple, better known as the greatest city in the world? Born in Brooklyn and residing in New York for forty-five years, I can witness the reality and truth in Sarah's life painting which is based on current events, politics, and humanity. From the poem "The Night I Got Up To Pray" tugs at the reader's heart, and sorrow covers the page. "When a poor, innocent child runs to hide, the child ends up dying, taken from the poem "Unfaithful." The author clearly speaks of war, and it's tragic effects on the innocent, and how much suffering exists in the world. From the passage "lost Her True Love" defines loss of a loved one, and the pain left behind. "Hold your head up high" from the poem "Be Strong" fills the page with inspiration, pride, and a new found hope. I recommend "Crying Rose" to teens, adults, and all poetry lovers. The work of Sarah Abdulaziz is as heartfelt, and as compassionate as that of Susan Polis Schutz. Geraldine Ahearn, A.I.O.M. Hon.DG IBC Author of 6 books, CCRN Founding Member ABI Women's Review Board

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